All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.


Article 1. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

CybeRighTech CRT


“there is now a critical need for clearer guidance about what should be expected on human rights from private companies as they develop and deploy digital technologies.”

UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation (2019)



Technology companies must establish a policy that explicitly respects human rights

Human Rights

Due Diligence

Technology companies must perform due diligence to identify, prevent snd minimize abuse of human rights, and explain their means for protecting human rights

Proportionality and Human Rights

by Design

Technology companies must follow principles of proper purpose and proportionality and adopt a "human rights-by-design" principle whereby they commit to designing tools, technologies, and services to respect human rights by default




Technology companies must introduce procedures that facilitate remedies for the abuse of human rights that may occur because of their operations and companies should implement independent selfaudit mechanisms to examine the subject of human rights






Comprehensive diagnostic reports based on public audit methodology (ISSAIs)


Due diligence and risk assessment


Emphasis on international principles regarding individual rights



Programs aimed at resolving issues identified in the diagnostic report


Consultation services for fostering company policies that deal with individual rights, ethics and the protection of privacy


Audits following complaints or crises


Appointing an ad hoc ethics/auditing committee or internal human rights auditors within the company.

CERTIFICATION - Human Rights &  Ethics Quality Seal


CybeRighTech provides human rights quality assurance (QA) certifications based on a unique model.




Mr. Elie Mersel, 


Former Director-General of the State Comptroller's Office. For seven years, Elie spearheaded the creation of the strategic plans of the State Comptroller's Office and the Israel's Ombudsman, as well as the execution of review-based plans for all government ministries, municipalities, local authorities, security forces, government companies, and public entities (over 1,500 reviewed entities in total). A globally regarded expert in the fields of supervision and auditing, Elie is also a member of CERN's Audit Committee. Certified in Business Administration and in Public Administration, Elie has decades of experience performing extensive inspections, managing risks, and performing due diligence in a wide array of public and private companies and entities. 

Dr. Matan Gutman, 


Matan is a Doctor of Law, certified in Law (LL.M) by the Harvard Law School. He is a Constitutional and Human Rights Law expert, an adjunct professor at the IDC Herzliya. Matan holds a wealth of theoretical and practical experience in government work and in the judicial system, having served in the following positions: Legal Assistant to the former President of the Supreme Court Prof. Aharon Barak; Advisor to the Israel Homeland Minister; Judicial clerk in the Supreme Court for Justice Salim Joubran; and Chief of staff for the Director General of the State Comptroller's Office.


Prof. Irwin Cotler

Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada; A nominee for the
Nobel Peace Prize

Retired Supreme Court 

Justice Salim Joubran

Former Deputy to the Supreme court Chief Justice

Retired Judge 

Yosef Chaim Shapira

Former State Comptroller and Ombudsman of Israel

Prof. Shmuel Hauser

Former chairman of the Israel Securities Authority


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